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Equity Real Estate's Property Management Division  was formed under the business model of transparency, accessibility, accountability and competence.  Four points that cover the most important aspects in trusting a company to manage your real estate investments.   



All owners have the ability to access their  financials, documents, tasks and discussions on-line 24/7.  Clients love this level of transparency. Having real time knowledge of the state of the property also gives owners the timely and accurate information they need to make informed decisions that are in the best interests of all their financial and real estate goals. Owners also have access 24/7 to bank accounts, invoices and other pertinent financial documents. 


Although we work hard to make sure that our services are "perfect" we are human.  However, our no excuses policy, helps us stand apart from other companies.  We hold ourselves accountable so that if we mess up, your time and property are effective.  We  not only hold the required E&O insurance, but go above and beyond and retain a separate liability policy for our managers and staff. This ensures that your insurance will not have to cover negligence on Equity's part.  We also do not hold you in a contract.  You can cancel with 30 day notice no questions asked.  The latter keeps us on our toes to meet your expectations!


 We put the customer first, we know how important communication is.  From the smallest detail of letting you know that a task has been completed to being available after hours for emergencies. Each property we manage is assigned a Manager who is available  through email, text and cell phone at all times. Through our online access, owners can communicate maintenance/repairs, access documents and contact us concerning financial concerns.  Our office staff is also accessible Monday - Friday 9-5pm.  Likewise, we have an emergency on call staff at all times.  Your time, money and investment is valuable to us  and understand that our value and success rests a great deal on our availability to you.


Our staff and managers have years of experience in property management.  All mangers are required to be license Real Estate Agents, which means they undergo more rigorous training, continuing education and adhere to better compliance policies. Lastly we also retain an experience attorney to address legal matters for property management.  


Focusing and striving to hit these four points are what has spurred our company forward in growth and reputation.  We are very proud of what we have achieved and know that our systems and experience will benefit you.


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