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Residential Owners

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Some owners have the ability and time to manage their own properties, but in the interest of time and finding quality tenants elect to have Equity help prep the property for rent, advertise, show, and place a quality tenant.  Once this is completed, the property and funds are turned over to the owner.

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For those owners who want to receive the full benefits of the property management experience and do not have the ability or time to manage their own properties, we offer full service management, which includes:


Low Percentage Rates and

 One Time Set-Up Fee


Prepare Property for Rent


Advertise and Show the Property


Run Applications, Credit, Evictions & Background Checks


Handle Collections & Evictions


Access to Legal Advice


Handle Lease & HOA Compliance


Handle Maintenance Calls & Requests


On Call Emergency Staff


Supervise the Property with Drive-by and Interior Inspections


Conduct Safety Inspections which include furnace filter replacements and check for operating smoke detectors and preventative maintenance items


Manage the maintenance of landscaping, spring and winter property clean up and winterization and de-winterization of sprinkler systems and swamp coolers


Collect & Receive all Rents


Full Accounting with online 24/7 access to all your property financials, documents, invoices, tasks, discussions and a wealth of personalized reports through our online web portal.  You will have real time knowledge of the state of your property and financials by giving owners timely an accurate information they need to make informed decisions.


Direct Deposits:  Nothing is more tedious than waiting for a check to pay your mortgage in the mail.  Avoid this with Equity with direct deposits. Owners are paid with 72 hours of receiving rents and invoices (minus weekends and holidays) to the bank account of their choice.


Communication: We know how important communication is. From the smallest detail of letting you know that a task is done to being available for emergencies.  You will have access to your property manager by email, text and cell phone.  Through our online access, owners can communicate maintenance/repairs items, access documents and contact us concerning financial concerns. Our office staff is accessible Monday - Friday from 9-5pm (Mountain Time). Likewise, we have emergency on-call staff after hours.


Accountability:  We have a no excuses policy that force us to be accountable to you and your property. We hold not only required federal Errors & Omissions insurance, but also retain a separate liability policy for our managers and staff.  This ensures that you will not be on the hook for our negligence.  


Cancel At Anytime: As part of our accountability, Equity does not hold you to a contract. You can cancel at anytime with a 30 day notice, no questions asked.


Professional & Competence: Our staff and managers have years of experience in Property Management.  All mangers are required to be license Real Estate Agents, which means they undergo more rigorous training, continuing education and adhere to better compliance policies when servicing as Property Managers.



            With Hiring Equity as an owner you will have:

         Better Quality Tenants

         Shorter Vacancy Cycles

         Better Tenant Retention

         Protection from Rental Scams

        Elimination of Discrimination Lawsuits for violating federal, state and city housing laws, which includes costly fines for licensing, housing ordinances and violations.

          Tax Help and Preparation 

          Professional Relationships with Tenants, Vendors & Property Managers

         On Time & Full Rents

         Timely Evictions & Legal Advice

         Lower Maintenance & Repair Costs

Full Accounting - includes online itemized financials, paying invoices, HOA fees and utilities.

Full Property Inspections - Avoid Property Neglect


         Major Personal Benefits - Less Stress & More Freedom! There are so many small details on a day to day basis that you can eliminate by hiring a professional management company  from landscaping, keys, repairs, utilities, snow removal, HOA items, state and city law ordinances, licensing items, emergencies, etc.

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We Offer Two Residential Management Programs

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