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Leave your investment worries to the pros! We offer a wide range of services, from basic tenant placement to full-service management, so you can decide how much involvement you want. Let us take care of everything so you can enjoy a stress-free investment experience!


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  • How do you assess the home for damages when a tenant moves out?
    Upon move-out, we will conduct a thorough move out inspection. This inspection is compared to the move-in inspection(s) and any items beyond normal wear and tear that are not noted on the move-in inspection will be charged against the security deposit. Tenants are responsible for cleaning and carpet cleaning.
  • How do you choose tenants?
    As per law, all applications are reviewed on a first-completed-first-served basis. During the application process, we will verify income, employment, rental history, credit conditions, background, and eviction history. Once we have applicants that meet our standards, you will be notified for your final approval. We follow all Fair Housing Guidelines and will not disqualify any applicant based on their age, familial status, disability, race or color, religion, national origin, source of income, sex, or gender identity.
  • Who takes care of landscaping and exterior maintenance?
    Tenants are generally responsible for landscaping on single-family properties, however we do not allow tenants to handle the winterization of systems, setting sprinkler timers, or maintenance of swamp coolers. You will receive email notifications in the spring and winter where you can opt-in for shut down or start up services.
  • What is the average turnaround time for vacancies?
    Right now, pricing is everything. If we're listed in the average range of comparable properties, the turnaround time is between 2-3 weeks. However, we list at your motivation. We keep track of all inquiries on your property and if we are not receiving the average or more, we will work with you on adjusting the price weekly until leased.
  • What are your fees?
    Tenant Placement fees range between 50%-100% of one months rent. For Full Service, the monthly management fee is typically between 8-10% of the monthly rents. You will also pay a set-up fee, which is variable based on the location and assigned manager.
  • How much is the security deposit, and who holds it?
    The security deposit is typically equal to one months rent. Where allowed by state law, this can be increased based on the tenants computer generated application rating or if they are considered high risk. We hold the security deposit in accordance with state regulations on trust accounts. You have no liability for the security deposit.
  • Do I have to accept pets? What about service animals?
    Allowing pets is entirely up to you, although it is important to note that 75% of renters do have pets (the majority being a small sized dog). You have full discretion over the breed, weight, and quantity or if you do not want to allow them at all. Deposits and monthly pet fees are charged to renters, typically a $350 pet deposit and $50 pet fee. If a tenant has an approved support animal, you must accept this animal by law and cannot charge a deposit or monthly fees. Tenant is still fully responsible for damages and lease violations both during their tenancy and after move out.
  • What is your accounting schedule?
    We do accounting all month long. You receive your rental payment within 5 business days of Equity receiving full rent and paying out any expenses against the property. Payment is direct deposited into the bank account of your choosing. You also have 24/7 access to financials, documents, and maintenance requests online.
  • Do you handle evictions?
    Yes. Although to date, our eviction rate is very low at 1.2%. We retain an attorney that provides discounted rates. The initial eviction cost is determined by the law office filing the eviction and is typically covered by the tenant's deposit. Our attorney works to prevent evictions and hearings, as our main goal in any legal action is to reduce cost and liability to you.
  • What kind of insurance do I need?
    You are required to provide a homeowner rental policy on the property which is less expense than a regular insurance policy. Please get in contact with your insurance provider. The tenant is required to provide a rental policy during their tenancy which covers their possessions, damages caused by the tenant, and displacement due to maintenance.
  • How do you handle maintenance and repairs?
    Upon signing up with Equity PM, you will have the ability to choose your notification amount. We receive discounts from third party vendors (plumbers, HVAC companies, painters, etc) however, you are NOT required to use our vendors. We will coordinate with a vendor of your choice at no additional cost. We also work regularly with home warranty companies. We understand that maintenance and repairs are the #1 issue that can make or break your experience with us, which is why it is our goal to operate with full transparency.
  • Do you do inspections?
    Yes. Interior inspections are done twice per year. You will have access to an inspection report with photos.
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